Monday, February 17, 2014

Once Again We Look at a North Carolina Cop, Indicted Now, But He Had No Choice...

This comes from Blacklisted News by way of Battlefield USA and gives us an update.

I mentioned this a while back myself.

Now it seems a Grand Jury has Indicted Officer Byron Vassey, who had been on paid administrative leave, since murdering the young man. Did you get that? His department put him on leave, with pay, after he committed murder. He has been charged with Voluntary Manslaughter. A charge which could result in a prison sentence in North Carolina of up to twelve years.

Officer Byron Vassey was in the company of two other officers when he murdered Keith Vidal. Indeed he was the latecomer to the scene. He reportedly said, "We don't have time for this..." and drew his pistol and shot Vidal. Now Vassey is saying, through his attorney, he had no choice but to shoot Vidal because he left his Taser at home. Really, that is what he has said.

"Quote from the Blacklisted News piece, Vassey's lawyer James Payne has said the following, for the record,

“Detective Bryon Vassey exercised the only morally, legally justified duty of protecting the life of a fellow officer and that sadly (ended) the life of young Mr. Keith Vidal,”

Did you get that? Vassey had a moral duty to murder Vidal. He was justified by way of protecting the life of another Officer. As we know, Officer Safety is the Panacea which grants cover to any act of abuse committed by a State employee... or so the State employed Thugs believe. And the lives of State employed Thugs are far more valuable than the lives of mere mortal "civilians".

I ask the question again. I will keep asking until I get a truthful answer. Where were those Good Guy officers, who mean well and want only to do the right thing? What was the reaction of the two policemen who were holding Vidal down when Officer Vassey murdered him?

Did they say, "Whoa Byron, you just shot a kid for no good reason. Gimme yer weapon pal, you're gonna go sit in my cruiser and call your attorney."

Did those other two Super-duper good guys,  who mean well and just want to do the right thing,and are in the vast majority, make sure Officer Vassy was taken down to booking and see that charges were filed against him?

No, Vassey was put on paid administrative leave until a Grand Jury indicted him.

If you were called to assist your neighbor who had a schizophrenic son, and instead of helping, you said, "We don't have time for this..." and murdered him, what would happen to you?

Are policemen a class of super citizen who can't be bothered by the laws which apply to the rest of us?

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