Monday, February 03, 2014

Rush Limbaugh Keeps Asking Why

Rush keeps asking why the Republicans are so timid. Why won't they grow a pair and act like they have our best interest in mind? Why won't they act like they want to oppose the leftist agenda? Why won't they act like they want to prevent amnesty for illegal aliens? Why won't they act like the want to repeal ObamaCare? Why won't they act like they want to roll back government regulations and lower our taxes? Why won't they act like they are a genuine opposition party?

I will tell you why. They are the Opposition Party. They want to be the Opposition Party. They want to be the Loyal Opposition. They want to play the game of sycophantic facilitation. They want to assist the other side in advancing THE agenda.

They want to keep you fooled. They want you to believe they are the only alternative to the leftist Democrats. They want you to believe they are "Conservative". They want you to believe they are working to resist the other side. They are none of the above.

If they were truly in opposition they would embrace they ideas of Rand Paul and Mike Lee. If they truly stood for your values, they would embrace the Tea Party. They oppose it tooth and nail.

I ask you to remember the election of Ronald Reagan. The mainstream Republican Party hated Reagan. They hated the Reagan/Goldwater form of "conservatism". They hated the Constitutional limits on their power just as they hate such an idea now. After Reagan took office, he was promptly shot. The assassination attempt was unsuccessful. He served eight years and got much of his agenda passed into law. The mainstream of the Republican Party still worked with the leftist Democrats at every opportunity. But Reagan came into office with what might be called a Tea Party coalition today. When George H.W. Bush took office, what happened to the Reagan legacy? It was promptly retired. It was dismantled and forgotten. You might recall that Bush called Reagan's economic policies "Voodoo Economics". He acted on that presumption when he took office.

Now I ask you, if the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan had been successful, who would have been president? George H.W. Bush, that is who. What did bush do to the Reagan agenda? He dismissed it. What would have happened if Mr. Bush had taken office seven and one half years earlier? The Reagan Revolution would have been forgotten and might have been a minor foot note in history. THE program would have continued apace.

Reagan wasn't supposed to happen. Just as the Tea Party eruption over bail outs, attempted granting of amnesty, and a stimulus bill which became the new baseline for future budgets, was not supposed to happen. He was a speed bump on the road to Socialism, or if you will, "progress".

One might also remember George W. Bush's nomination of Harriet Meyers for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Ms. Meyers had no judicial experience. I say again, she had NONE. When the backlash grew from the right (which became the Tea Party) over her nomination and her utter lack of qualification for the office, Bush's half assed response was something along the lines of,

"Whaaaat? She's a nice person..." (insert Beavis and Butthead chuckle here).

They Republican Party is the Flip side of the same coin. They are not the opposition to the leftist Democrats, they are watching their backside. When the coin rolls, it rolls in one direction, to the left. Socialism. Government control. Central planning. Controlled distribution of goods and services. This is the future for these former United States of America. This will be the United Socialist State of North America by hook or by crook.

Why don't Republicans act like they want to win? Because they don't. If they did win the the kind of landslide a candidate like Reagan would cause today, they would be forced to act on the Tea Party's agenda. They would have to act like Constitutionalists, instead of the Socialists they truly are. They just don't want to do that...

Because they don't have a genuine disagreement with the other side. Onward to Sociali... uh, I mean Progress!

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