Thursday, January 07, 2016

VeteransToday Nails it.

Armed free men live like this...

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Disarmed subjects will inevitably live like this...

image found on Google has a piece which nails the core theme. One paragraph says it all. This is what every gun rights advocate should be saying. This is what I have been saying for many years. Go here and read it.

Money quote:

"Needing a license or anyone’s “permission” to open-carry is an INFRINGEMENT of the Second Amendment. Needing a concealed carry permit is an INFRINGEMENT of the Second Amendment. Needing to undergo background checks or psychiatric evaluation (Veterans) is an INFRINGEMENT of the Second Amendment. Not being able to have the same fully-automatic weapons as the government agencies, or a silencer, without a license, is an INFRINGEMENT of the Second Amendment, etc., etc., etc."

I have heard Gun Controllers say, "No right is unlimited". To that I say, you are a liar. You set up a straw man and then knock it down and pretend you're being logical. Trickery does not prove you are more clever. It proves you are dishonest. One's right to breathe is absolute and not subject to another's "reasonable restrictions". One's right to self preservation isn't open to "compromise". One's right to one's mind isn't subject to another's whim. One's right to thrive isn't subject to another's control absent the institution of Slavery.

The right to arms is the natural and inherent possession of every Free Man. Skill at arms is a requirement for maintenance of one's status as a Free Man.

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