Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Secret

I recently watched this film. I watched it on HULU. I have ordered the books also. This is what I Must Do! This is what We All Must Do!

We must think of what we want for the future. The leftists are wrong, but they keep gaining ground by making what they want their reality. We on the other hand have been focusing on how to stop them from taking our stuff! We MUST make our reality by focusing on what we want. We want limited Government. We want the right to property. We want personal wealth. We want a Christian Society. Let us focus on those things! The leftists are not relevant to our reality. They will go on being negative. We must overcome them, then ignore them. They will live in their hatred and envy because it is who they are.

Our reality may not happen overnight, but it will happen if WE, the MAJORITY, make it our reality. We'll ask God for it, have faith in the outcome, know it is true, and we will manifest it.

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