Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Free Men, Stop Begging Permission!

Obama said this a few years ago long before he was President. I am quite sure leopards cannot change their spots. 

I do not believe that Obama has turned over a new leaf. Expanded background checks are not aimed at criminals. I have said this over and over. The only reason for this entire NICS system, established in 1998 under the Brady Act of 1993, is to condition the people to believe that they must beg permission first. We now have a new generation of young adults who have never known a time when they didn't have to beg permission from the FBI before they bought a firearm. This is what they have always known, so it seems "normal". The list of "prohibited persons" or, as Bill Clinton was so fond of saying, "people who shouldn't have them", is ever expanding. The next step will be to get everyone    to agree that this background check system is too burdensome and time consuming. It is also a huge waste of money to have the law abiding submit themselves over and over to the same background check. Wouldn't it be better if everyone just has a "license"? Then you could go get your gun without having to wait, because you have your license, granted to you by the ones who formerly granted you permission each time you made a purchase. You could just carry  your permission slip with you. Do you like that idea?

Free men do not beg permission to exercise their rights. Do you beg permission to draw breath? Do you beg permission before you open your eyes and observe Gods creation? Do you beg permission before you engage in conversation, especially when that conversation turns political? Do you beg permission before you put food in your belly? I tell you that you soon will. You have already surrendered in principle. The rest is a matter of degrees. 

Now, in this way I agree with Communist in Chief Obama. We should rid ourselves of these burdensome concealed carry permit/licensing laws. Constitutional Carry should be the law of the land as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Since the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and the Second Amendment is a guarantee of that right, the right to "bear arms" is the supreme law of the land. Therefor, permitting and licensing laws, which reside first on a denial of the right and then the granting of permission to do what is illegal, are Un-Constitutional on their face.

Law Imposement Officers, I have a question for you. Are you going to honor your oath and also enforce the Supreme Law of the Land? The Right of the people to keep (own, possess) and bear (carry!) arms is the highest law in the country. Any law which restricts that right is invalid and unenforceable. Any person who attempts to prevent me from carrying my sidearm or keeping any "arm" I choose is violating the highest law odf the land. So, whatcha gonna do?

I'll give you a hint. Read the Declaration of Independence. Then ask yourself, "Why are governments instituted among men...?"

It was a rhetorical question. I know what you'll do. You will enforce whatever law grants you more arbitrary power and authority over your neighbors.

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