Saturday, January 09, 2016

John Ross Speaks

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 I haven't seen anything from John Ross in a while. His formerly semi-regular column "Ross In Range" hasn't been active lately. Go and read the piece.

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Now Obama tells us that there are hundreds of thousands of "unlicensed" dealers, and they have to be licensed.  This is going to create a real problem for the ATF.  The government is now going to have to define "dealing" and put a number on it.  I have heard mention of 25 or more guns a year as a suggested threshold.  That would create a huge problem for ATF making a case against a citizen.  They'd have to have undercover agents buy at least 25 guns from a single person in 12 months to make just one case.  If the number is much smaller, it's going to have severe legal implications for the issue of ordinary people selling private property.  In either case, a lot of people are going to be even more angry with this administration, and with good reason.

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