Thursday, March 12, 2009

Militarize the border? Oh my..!

This from the McClatchy news service,

The headline reads,

Obama: Troop move to Mexican border under consideration

What that headline means is hidden in the body of the "news piece". That fellow, Obama, is quoted as saying that, "...he was looking at possibly deploying National Guard troops to contain the violence but ruled out any immediate military move."

Waht that means is: Obama is considering deploying the National Guard, not from Texas, but maybe from Connecticut, or some other such place foreign to Texas, in order to demonstrate to the people of Texas that he won't put up with their Vigilantism. Texan vigilantism is the natural result of the federal government doing nothing to stop the invasion of our country by a Foreign Nation. You Texans go thinking you can put a stop to the invasion of your state, towns, or even neighborhoods, better be thinkin' again.

The "news piece" continues, "We're going to examine whether and if National Guard deployments would make sense and under what circumstances they would make sense," that fellow, Obama, said to reporters (hear read:Authorized Journalists, as David Codrea is fond of saying).

"I don't have a particular tipping point in mind," he said. "I think it's unacceptable if you've got drug gangs crossing our borders and killing U.S. citizens." This quote is Clintonesque. Quite slick, that. In other words, "I feel your pain!"

The next quote, byt that fellow, Obama, is key..."We've got a very big border with Mexico," he said. "I'm not interested in militarizing the border."

In other words, "We're not really interested in correcting the problem. The invasion will, of course, be facilitated. We just want everyone who has concerns to feel better so they'll stop thinking about this."

Near the end, we get this gem..."We expect to have a comprehensive approach to dealing with these issues of border security that will involve supporting Calderon and his efforts in a partnership, also making sure we are dealing with the flow of drug money and guns south, because it's really a two-way situation there," that fellow, Obama, is quoted as saying.

OK folks, here we have the entire story. At the end he spills the beans. Obama will grant amnesty to all the illegals inside the U.S. of A. when the time is right. That is what "comprehensive reform" means. Get used to the idea now. It will happen. There is nothing you can do about it.

Also, part of that "comprehensive reform" will be a further restriction on YOUR right to keep arms (never mind bear them, which Americans have lost the will to do). You see, folks, YOU are the problem and the target. You are exercising your free will and judgment much too readily. You have the will to put a stop to this invasion and that will must be curtailed. You now have weapons. Your will combined with the keeping of (and bearing of...dear lord!) arms could prove to be a speed bump to the program...we just can't have that!

The program, according to that fellow, Obama, will involve supporting Presidente Calderon, in his efforts in a partnership. Who among you wants Presidente Calderon to be your partner? What would be the goal of this partnership? Do you believe that Presidente Calderon has the same goal in mind as you and me? Do you truly believe that Presidente Calderon is losing sleep at night because great portions of the population of his country are invading a neighboring country, and looting its wealth, and sending that wealth back home? Do you believe that Presidente Calderon has the goal in mind of stopping this invasion?

I believe that fellow, Obama, and his crew are working in partnership with Presidente Calderon to facilitate the invasion of this country by a foreign nation. I believe they will work in partnership to reduce your right to keep arms (never mind bear them, just see whats happens when YOU bear arms in a war zone) to a hollow shell of what it was intended to be. I believe that they will continue to work in partnership to facilitate the flow of drugs, in the correct hands, into these United States (marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and meth aren't the problem, they are a facilitation to the ultimate end, which is control...they must be distributed by controlled enterprisers cannot be allowed to ruin a good thing, hence, only one gang, or group of gangs will be allowed to play).

Imagine this scenario: The Governor of the sovereign State of Texas, deploys the Texas National Guard to the border to STOP the invasion. There is too much gang violence, and lawlessness, and foreigners runnin' around, etc...going on. Lets imagine that they begin to be effective at stopping the invasion, returning private property to its owners, deporting illegal aliens to their mother countries (or at least out of ours), and bringing peace to Texas once again.

What do you reckon would happen? Would the U.N. declare a humanitarian crisis? Would NATO send attack aircraft to bomb the smack out of Texas and bring it to submission? Would a foreign army invade Texas and occupy the Nueces strip and call it an autonomous region? Would the U.N. then work toward independence for Tejanos living and peacefully residing in the Nueces strip, proving for their security with perpetual occupation by "Peacekeepers"?

Just two administrations ago, in case you don't remember, that is exactly what happened in a place called Serbia. Serbia was, at that time, being overrun by a foreign nation in one of its provinces...a place called Kosovo. You see, Serbia is a Christian country. Kosovo was being overrun by muslim Albanians. The KLA (Kosavar Liberation Army), in case you don't remember, were the biggest dope (opium/heroine) runners in Eastern Europe at the time.

That fellow, Clinton, I think his name was, worked in partnership with the Kosavars, bombed the smack out of Serbia, brought it to submission, invaded Kosovo with a foreign army, and made that province of Serbia and autonomous region.

Here is an extract from Webster's dictionary online, about Kosovo: autonomous province SW Serbia area 4203 square miles (10,886 square kilometers), population 1,954,747.

Do you get it now?

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