Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And so, it begins...

Here it is folks. Thank the Lord for Copy and paste the link and look at the pictures yourself.

But, it didn't begin in Alabama. There have been troops deploying all over the country in the past fifteen years, for the purpose of...uhmmm...assisting Law Enforcement. They have deployed to such dangerous areas as the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, and the U.S. Open Golf Tournament in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

So, last night and today, troops from Ft. Rucker have deployed to the streets of Samson, Alabama. They are there for what purpose? Are they Peace Keepers? Are they Observers? Are they there to "assist Law Enforcement"?

I'll answer. They are there to condition YOU to their presence. They are there to condition YOU to the idea of the military deploying anytime there is an incident which evokes strong emotions. They are NOT there to protect and defend the Constitution from domestic enemies. They are NOT there to fight "terrorism". They are there to condition YOU to the reality of Martial Law.

People of Alabama...are you awake?

People of America...are you awake?

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines...are your aware of your oath? If you have forgotten, I will help you by providing a link to some folks who DO REMEMBER.

Go here:

Is it a "trial run"? No. The trial runs were done long ago. This is the future, folks. This is what Orwell warned us about. This is Hopeandchange!

May God almighty have mercy on us. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.


straightarrow said...

headshots! no ceramic plates in berets.

They have already betrayed their oaths, now they are traitors, not good soldiers.

tom said...

Seems a bit late to stop the active shooter who shot himself. Can be no other reason but conditioning for their presence there.

Odds of a local copycat shooting are pretty fookin' low, I'd say.

Return to base, nothing to see here.