Thursday, March 12, 2009

Long Range Shooting

Go watch this video. Do it now!

Folks, this is roughly the equivalent of a rifleman shooting a thousand yards and hitting a man sized silhouette (E Type).

Now go watch this one,

This is the equivalent of shooting five hundred yards with a rifle.

I do not intend to equate this with shooting from a bench with a high magnification scope. I mean standing offhand, with an M1A or an M1 Garand, or an LR-308 with Yankee Hill flip-ups...or whatever battle rifle you choose.

Folks shooting is a martial skill! It takes diligence in application, focus of effort, cognitive and analytical ability, and a desire to learn. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. When it becomes necessary, you will find yourself repeating the Obamesiah's mantra...Yes we can!

And you should! Now get to the range and shoot!


Mike H said...

I like the analogy. And yep doing is necessary. It beats mere theorizing.

BTW, i'm interested in bow hunting/shooting. What would you recommend bow wise for a beginner? TIA

Mike H said...

Good job here Longbow. Look forward to more. I'll spread the word.

Longbow said...

Thanks, Mike.

I am not an avid archer. I am, however a proficient rifleman. I use the moniker "Lonbow" as a reference to the origin of long range precision shooting.

This post was meant as an analogy. The bowman/archer, is/was the rifleman of the past. An archer who could shoot two hundred yards or more is/was a deadly he should be.

It is the same with a rifleman. A skilled rifleman should be able to hit anything he can see out to 500 yards, without difficulty.

All that is lacking is the doing.