Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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I originally posted this a commentary to David Codrea's War On Guns blog. It was about the shootings earlier today in Alabama.

After reading the "news article" on the shootings, I had this to say:

"And, not one single citizen saw what was going on, put hands on his weapon and stopped the miscreant.

Not one single citizen had the presence of mind, alertness, and preparedness to put a stop to the miscreant.

Not a single citizen acted. Not one.

Should we just throw in the towel and declare defeat? Or do we acknowledge that God gave us a set of nuts and start taking responsibility for the peace in our communities? Do we forever rely on Big Daddy? Or do we stand with manly firmness and say NO! Murderous miscreants should be put down like rabid dogs.

And, Peace Officers, if any of you would attempt to find a way to prosecute a citizen who does the RIGHT THING, or assist the local prosecutor in building a case against a responsible citizen, you are worthy only of the contempt you rightfully earn.

Not one?


I usually need to vent some steam after reading a news piece like the one from Breitbart.com.

The glaring fact is that NO sane and rational person should sit back and watch an event like this unfold and do NOTHING about it. There was a time in our country, and in our culture when rational MEN would stand up and shoot the miscreant dead, as one would a rabid skunk, and think nothing of it. Think back to the University of Texas tower shooting in August of 1966. There was no SWAT team to call out. There was no need for one. Texans grabbed their rifles and returned fire, keeping Whitman's head down, enabling a Peace Officer and a citizen the opportunity to climb the stairs and end the miscreant's afternoon.

What happened today? People stood around with cowardly passivity and allowed a rabid varmint to have his way with the community.

What would have happened had someone done a sane and rational thing, like stop the shooter cold? Why, he would most likely have been prosecuted for doing the only sane and rational thing any person could have done. Perhaps, and this is just as likely, he would have been shot by the Law Enforcement Officers, who just can't tell the bad guys from the "mere civilians".

My heart and my prayers go out to the victims, and their families, in the sorrowful incident today. This is a most terrible thing to have to suffer.

Let us silently resolve, now, that we will stand as MEN and put down rabid vermin as soon as they appear. Let us resolve in our hearts, that the weighty and sorrowful cost, of death and destruction of lives, necessitates us taking action when we have the opportunity and the means. Let us be diligent in watchfulness and courageous in action. Let us never cower in fear of the repercussion of doing the RIGHT THING.


MamaLiberty said...

You keep saying "men." That's fine, but don't forget or discount women. Nothing should prevent a woman from being the one to take out this vermin - and many of us carry for exactly that reason.

I am a 62 year old grandmother of 7 and great grandmother of 16... and I am armed every day, everywhere I go. I teach armed self defense as well.

Sure would love to have many more MEN join us in this exercise of freedom and personal responsibility.

Longbow said...

Kudos to you MamaLiberty!

I use the term MEN for two reasons.
First, in standard English usage, the masculine, when sex is not specified, is inclusive of both sexes. Thus , "...these truths to be self evident, that all MEN are created equal..."

Second, since the extinction of the amazons, there has never been an army afield composed of women.
God created us male and female. He made men larger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive. It is the responsibility of MEN in our society to protect women and children. God gave men the nuts, and by so doing, charged men with the primary responsibility.

MamaLiberty, with the highest respect and regard, I salute you for carrying your sidearm everyday and protecting yourself and your loved ones. And teaching others of their responsibility also.