Sunday, March 22, 2009

He's a 15 year old....Electrocute him!

You have got to be F*%#@ kidding me!

A BOY is dead.

You are a cop, Johnny Law, The Man. You respond to a call and get into a fistfight with a fifteen year old boy.

Your response? Well, officer safety dictates. Your first concern is going home at the end of your shift. Of course you pull out your trusty taser and electrocute him until he is dead.

The report will read something like: that time, the male subject made a furtive but threatening gesture toward the officer. The officer perceived a threat to the safety of his person and the other persons in the room. The officer deployed a taser device, attempting to use less than lethal deterrent to persuade the subject to comply. At that time, the subject collapsed on the ground and was unresponsive. At that time the responding officer called for an ambulance...

A BOY is dead. The officer is placed on paid administrative leave. Whatcha wanna bet the final report states that the officer "followed department policy" and will be cleared of any culpability?

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