Sunday, December 06, 2015

This Is The Fearsome Islamic State Army?

If they are so Mean and vicious, why are they all wearing dresses? Pretty blue ones at that.

Now, isn't that sweet? Hey, didn't the U.S. military just go completely gender integrated? Maybe our Army will begin wearing dresses too!

Wait a minute? Does this mean all cross-dressers are muslim terrorists?

OMG! Does this mean Bruce Jenner is a muslim terrorist?

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Crotalus said...

Eeeaassyy, there! The Scots wear plaid skirts (kilts) and are (were?) fierce fighters, Hawaiian men wear lava-lavas, and the Roman soldiers wore skirts made of leather strips, and they were among the deadliest fighters of their time. In short, there are places where skirts, by whatever name, are normal men's wear, and not a sign of weird sexuality.

Skirts or no, these people are men, and savage, brutal, murderers. Don't underestimate them just because they wear something we think is odd. However, those blue skirts should help us target them. >:-D