Sunday, December 20, 2015

Structural Failure Due To Red Hot Steel? Ok Then, Shut The Fuck Up!

This video has been posted all over the net. Many people are pointing to this as the last word on the argument. Hot steel will fail structurally, so there! This video is presented to you by Sparky the Metallurgist.

Note, please, that Sparky pulls the second piece of steel out of a red hot forge. How long was that steel in that forge in order to heat it to its core? What amount of time does it take for that piece of steel, exposed to very high temperatures, to finally become malleable?

My question would be, and yours should be also, was the World Trade Center a red hot forge? Was the temperature inside the core of the WTC at 1500 degrees for an extended period of time? Or, was the WTC fire in reality a flash fire caused by an eruption of jet fuel, which burned itself out in seconds leaving a smoldering oxygen starved office fire, which could be, according the firefighters' recorded radio traffic, knocked down by a couple of lines?

Hey Sparky! I have an analogous experiment for you. Take another piece of bar stock. Place it in a shallow pan with an inch or so of JP-8, or Kerosene if you will. Throw a lit match in it. Let it flame on. Let it burn itself out until you have only dark smokey smolder left. Then, pick up the bar stock with a gloved had (I wouldn't want you to be injured) and attempt to tilt the anvil as you did with the first piece of room temperature bar stock. Then, when it doesn't bend easily, attempt to bend it. Bend it deliberately. Measure how much force is required to make it fail integrally. Then calculate and extrapolate the force required to cause giant structural steel I-Beams to fail, after having been exposed to a brief flash fire.

Or, just take the Red pill and go back into the Matrix.

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