Sunday, December 06, 2015

Repost And Comment, Choose The Slower Cancer? has published this opinion piece by Derek Hunter.

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It is entitled, The Democratic Party Is A Death Cult. Mr. Hunter does a fairly good job making his argument until he begins to condemn those who didn't vote for John McCain.

Then he says this, "It’s awful that our choice might be between someone who isn’t great and someone who is awful, but you dance with the girl who brung ya. I’d not only vote for Lindsey Graham, I’d work tirelessly to elect him if he wins the nomination. So when I read stories of moneyed insiders threatening to sit on the sidelines if their candidate isn’t the nominee I have to wonder how these people benefit from a Hillary Clinton presidency."

First, "Dance with the one who brung ya." is a notion to which liberal and moderate "Republicans" do not believe they are obligated to subscribe. They stab us in the back again and again. Do you remember George W. Bush saying repeatedly he would sign a re-authorization of the assault weapons ban if Congress passed it? Do you think he really didn't mean it? Or do you say to yourself, yeah but Congress wasn't about to pass it, so it doesn't mater... Democrats and moderate Republicans had been working together to get it passed. If those allies had been able to buy or coerce enough votes the bill would have been signed. It would have been Law today. Do you remember George W. Bush signing an expanded Medicare prescription drug law? Do you pull your blindfold tightly around your eyes and tell yourself that it wasn't an expansion of the welfare state by a "conservative"?

Hunter then goes on to tell us he would vote for Lindsey Graham, as an alternative to voting for an avowed (or closet) Marxist. His prescription for you is to vote for the Fabian Socialist, because he will do less damage that the Leninist.

I propose that a vote for any brand of Socialism is a vote for Socialism. A vote in favor of a slowly metastasizing cancer is not a vote against a more malignant form. They are both votes for self destruction.

In short, I propose to you that the Republican Party is wholly owned by the statist, progressive, Fabian Socialists. They are NOT the alternative to the Democrat Party. They are the flip side of the same coin. They both roll the same direction, always to the left.

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