Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Forcing the NY SAFE Act

David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh have both covered this story.


More info here.


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First, the New Yorkers in the photo above deserve a thank you for standing up and saying no. Now, why aren't there hundreds of Law Imposement officers in their ranks? 
This is the comment I left on Sipsey Street Irregulars:

 Hey! I just had a thought. Maybe now is the time for all those "really good guy" Law Imposement officers to show themselves. Maybe now the "vast majority" who would "never do such a thing" will stand up and say,

"No, Boss! I ain't doin' it!".

Maybe now, just now, individually and through their professional organizations, those "good guys" who are in the "vast majority" will make themselves known. Maybe now they will make it clear that they will honor their oath and defend the natural rights of the people who employ them.

Hell, in NewYork City alone there are thirty-four thousand policemen. If just fifty-one percent, which is a simple majority, are those "really good guys", there should be more than seventeen-thousand policemen saying... nay, shouting from the roof tops,

"All free men have the right to arms! That right is natural and inherent. The NY SAFE Act is a massive infringement on that right! It is an abomination! We will not enforce it! We will not betray the people! We will honor our oath!".

Just think of how many others there are all over New York State. Their benevolence is going to erupt any minute now!

What's that? Don't hold my breath? What do you mean...?

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