Monday, March 10, 2014

Thoughts From Sipsey Street

 Mike Vanderboegh. at Sipsey Street Irregulars links to this piece and to this one.  The question raised is, can Connecticut avoid the violence which seems inevitable?

How could violence be avoided? Cops could say no. Cops could tell their bosses they ain't doin' it. Cops could tell their legislators, individually, and through their professional organizations, they will not attempt to enforce this law against the good people of Connecticut. Cops could make public statements to the people at large, on Youtube for example, that they will defend the peoples' rights, not abuse them.

None of the above will happen, will it Connecticut Police Officers? At least not in quantities greater than onesies or twosies.

Why? Because to those of you in The Gang, being a member in good standing is far more important than anything else. Getting to your retirement and pensions is far more important that the Natural Rights of the People. Siding with the People against an un-Constitutional and immoral statute isn't as sexy as making arrests and seeing people cower before you. Guarding the right to Life, Liberty, and Property isn't as thrilling as calling yourself an "Operator", pretending you are a Ranger or a SEAL, and making war on the people you supposedly serve.

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No, cops will do what their Superiors (yes I meant it that way) tell them to do. They will act stupidly, just as the legislators did in believing the people would just lay down and comply. This whole thing is avoidable, but, Hubris will guide the way.

Remember, a Sheepdog's function is to herd sheep. To move the herd where the Master wants it to go, which is, to be fleeced and eventually slaughtered.

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