Saturday, March 01, 2014

Beging forgiveness. Are you kidding me?

The link comes from the Daily Mail and gives us a glimpse into the near future.

One day they were this.

and this...

The next day...

They are this.

and this...

Ukrainian riot police beg forgiveness on their knees for their thuggery. One day they are cursing and beating the people they supposedly serve. The next they are on their knees begging, BEGGING, forgiveness for their crimes, and for the crimes of their brethren. I can hear them now, "We're not like those other guys who shot innocent citizens in the streets. All those guys have disappeared. Hell, we don't even know who they are. They were wearing masks! We're just the guys who manned the line in the street and beat you over the head and hauled you off to jail to be tortured by our fellow policemen. We're not such bad guys. We're ready, now, to serve you, the New Boss today. We're pragmatic that way!"

Jeepers, could it happen here? A reminder, Gentlemen, hubris can be deadly.

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