Monday, March 17, 2014

Cast A Wide Net... You'll Come Up With Something.

 Two examples come by way of Battlefield USA.

One, in the District of (state employed) Criminals, was a traffic jam caused by the police because they wanted to search everyone on the highway. You got that right.

Another, in the Denver area, resulted in stopping every car at an intersection, handcuffing every adult and searching cars.

Cops believe the people's freedom is granted by the government and being tools of the government, they can suspend it at their whim, then magically and benevolently restore it when they care to. Innocent people were pulled out of their cars and arrested, however briefly, at gun point and with no specific probable cause. This was a violation of their Natural and Constitutionally secured rights. People cannot be faulted for complying when they have a gun to their heads. But every person who was stopped and cuffed should bring suit now. They should have said no to ANY search. The cops who did this do not have any conscience about what they did. They did this because they wanted to. They are proud of themselves. They see their job as subduing the public and keeping the people under State Control. They act as they would in a Military Occupation zone. Cops behave this way because they see the public as the enemy. They firmly believe they cannot be wrong.

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