Friday, March 14, 2014

A De Facto Military Occupation (Updated)

Does this video say enough about the militarized mentality of Police these days? Is there any question their mentality is that the population they serve ( I should say service) is an enemy to be subdued and dominated?

Do you understand this could have been you? Or your Father? Or your Brother?

Do you understand that as a free man you DO NOT owe them obeisance?

Do you understand as a free man you have a Natural Right to arms? Do you understand a member of the Gang will kill you because of it?

Do you understand that members of the Gang will protect each other no matter how egregious their behavior?

Do you understand that if this man had died, the shooting would still have been ruled "justified"?

Do you understand this happens every day?

Do you finally get it? The Gang has a shoot first mentality because they have grown accustomed to the privilege of using force at their whim.

I stopped trying to talk sense with Gang members years ago. They firmly believe,  "What ever I dunn, it was the right thing to do, because it was Me what dunnit!"

Now, watch the press conference where Sheriff Bruce Bryant said he would do the same thing his deputy did. He would shoot you in a heartbeat also. There is not a moments' self reflection.The lesson from this incident? Drivers need to learn to be more submissive! Any action other than whimper and grovel WILL get you shot! He wants national legislation passed to make submission, obeisance, and prostration the law of the land. Hey, Sheriff Bryant, go fuck yourself!

 What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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