Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dirtbag, Scoundrel, Oath Breaker.

Thank you WRSA.

Damn you, Oath Breaker!

Remember, there is justice, in this life or the next.

Meet Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Oath Breaker. Oath Breakers are, by definition, Perjurers and Liars. Liars are scoundrels. Scoundrels are dirtbags and I have no use for them.

Read what he thinks of your natural and Constitutionally secured rights. Remember folks, no officer gets a key to the Li'l General's room unless he is a bought and paid-for politician.

Read here and get it strait from the Scoundrel's mouth.

Quote, "“That’s what our soldiers ought to carry. I personally don’t think there’s any need for that kind of weaponry on the streets and particularly around the schools in America.” You see how he differentiates himself, as a soldier from mere citizens?

The unorganized militia of these United States is We The People. We The People must, and of right ought to, possess the exact same weaponry as the infantryman. If we do not, we have no only given up our birthright, we have abdicated our place in the world as free men and abandoned our Duty.

You see, how the hoplophobes and would-be tyrants always frame the argument in in terms of making you think you must justify yourself by proving a "Need" first? This is where the Fudds think they have an advantage over us mere "gun owners". This is exactly what they mean when they join the debate by proclaiming, "I'm a hunter...!".

You see, Stanley there, has a "Need" as an active duty soldier. He believes that you, however, being a mere mortal, don't have a bona fide "Need", and therefor shouldn't be permitted.

Damn you! Permitted by whom?

Quote, "...I understand everyone’s desire to have whatever they want—but we’ve got to protect our children, we’ve got to protect our police, we’ve got to protect our population...”

First of all, Desire? How about Shall Not Be In-fucking-fringed, Gen. McChrystal?

Second, protect our police? Who shall protect us from the police and the military if we give up our birthright? I ask again, is Government your Daddy?

(Later, after some thought)

I have a suggestion for you Gen. McChrystal. I have decided that Al Gore is correct and that YOU are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by breathing. You are contributing to Global Warming! You probably want to suffocate children and kittens and puppies!

How about I come over there and place some "Reasonable Restrictions" on your right to breathe? Oh, and I will be the one to decide what is "Reasonable".

What's that? You say need "Need To" breathe freely and deeply? Well, due to global warming and greenhouse gasses and all, we must sacrifice, some more than others. Are you a professional athlete or a professional scuba diver? No? Then I have decided that your breathing is subject to my reasonable restrictions. You see, you don't have a bona fide "Need".

Now, lets put this choke collar on. Easy now, we wouldn't want you to get hurt resisting whats good for you. There, see? You can still breathe some. You'll survive just fine under "Reasonable Restrictions". Don't you just love the fuzzy lining on your new collar?

Oh, what's that? You say you have a "Right" to breathe freely? Well, where is that right granted to you in the Constitution? What Supreme Court Decision can you cite which says that you have such a right? That is correct, you can't. So I suppose you had better shut the hell up before the EPA SWAT Team comes to your home in the middle of the night to terrorize your family and take from you what is left your Breathing Privileges. If you do not comply, we must assume that you want to suffocate children and kittens and puppies.

Onward to Socialism Progress!


chinasyndrome said...

They just don't get it !!! We do have a NEED,a need to protect us from assholes like him. The founding Fathers knew this. 2A


Longbow said...

Thanks for stopping by, China. Indeed we do have a need. The point is, if (supposedly) free men are made to beg permission, they are not free men.

Anonymous said...

Just started 'The Operators' by Michael Hastings about his time spent with McChristle and his hot shot SF staff. Interesting.