Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Jeepers! Imagine That!

This link comes from Yahoo news.


It seems the prosecutor has "investigated" the people who work on his behalf and decided they did no wrong. In fact, the perp deserved it. Imagine that.

image from yahoo news

Then this story comes from Oregonlive.com

It seems there are a handful of FBI agents being investigated, by DOJ, for firing at Finicum's truck (without provocation) and then lying about it. Just guess which way that investigation will go.

You can just hear their argument now. "Yeah we fired first, but we didn't hit anything! See how benevolent we are? But then he drove away at high speed after we fired on him! A speeding vehicle is a lethal weapon! Yeah, he avoided the roadblock and got out with his hand up, but he MIGHT HAVE been going for a weapon! No, he never pulled a weapon, but he looked like he might have been about to, so we shot him! Yeah, maybe it bends the rules of engagement a little. So what? He deserved it! A Law Imposement Officer's life is infinitely more valuable than a mere "civilian". Besides, we's Law Imposement and we can't be wrong! So There!"

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