Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A Human Sacrifice

This woman is proud of herself and proud of her blood sacrifice.

Money quote:

“I felt powerful, as if there were no obstacle I couldn’t surmount. I felt a deep sense of freedom, knowing that my only responsibility was to myself. I was overcome with gratitude and optimism and a new-found sense of control. I felt awesome,” 

This woman is proud of her blood sacrifice also. 

She says:

“I had an abortion,” Brenneman wrote. “I am simply one of millions of women who have exercised this constitutionally protected right, and according to recent data, I am part of the 95 percent of women who do not regret their choice.”

She firmly believes the Constitution secures to her a "right" to murder her child. Afterward she said, ".. I breathed huge sigh of relief and thought to myself, I get my life back!” The baby lost his.

Let us be clear. This was a human being, alive in its natural environment before it was killed and removed.


Walter Zoomie said...

Saw this story over at Alex Jone's place and nearly lost my lunch. Bitch is insane.

falaholic said...

What the fuck!

falaholic said...

Jesus christ, you can even tell its a little boy. In a way I'm glad she's not passing on her shitty genes. She can go fuck herself!