Thursday, December 12, 2013

Free Men! You Have No Obligation to Drink Poison!

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A recent discussion over at Western Rifle Shooters got me motivated to spew some venom of my own.
The discussion revolved around the notion of a ConCon and whether or not it would be conducive to asserting our Constitutionally secured Liberty. Too often in these discussions we lament how we cannot come together to work on it. This is what I have to say and this is just to start.

We cannot find common ground enough to join forces, even for a brief time, in order to declare, assert and restore our liberty?

Gentlemen, this is too easy.

First declare and assert self ownership.

Second, reject all forms of paternalism. Free men do not apply for "benefits" from Daddy/Government. Reject the very notion of Socialist Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIPS, SNAP (food stamps), etc... Any man who claims he wants his liberty but then clings to those ideas is lying to you and not worthy of your company. Link with like minded free men and go to work.

Third, reject every premise of Socialism. We DO NOT have an obligation to take care of the poor, the homeless, the downtrodden. Each of us has an obligation to help our neighbor if we are able. Who then is our neighbor? As Christ taught us, even a Samaritan(!!!) could be your neighbor, if he does something neighborly such as pulling you out of a ditch after you have been beaten and robbed. Samaritans were considered phoneys and pretenders Gospel times, because indeed they were. Even one of...(here insert your favorite despicable type) them!

We do, each of us, have an obligation to take care of ourselves and our families, and excepting our neighbor, no one else. Communities can be built ONLY by free men, each acting in his own rational self interest and interacting with others on that basis. Socialism appeals to genuine liberals because they are stupid. It appeals to control freaks because they are control freaks. A Socialist doesn't want to take care of his neighbors. He wants to point a Government gun at you and FORCE you to do it at his direction! Is that an economic system? It is if you consider Slavery to be good economics.

Once FreeFor has rejected the false premise and rejected those who have not, our work will be easy.

What then do we do for restoration? We live as free men. We refuse to feed the BEAST and we defend ourselves, and our neighbor, it attacked by it.

If taken to court, as each of us may be, assert common law and refuse to participate in the admiralty/commercial/negotiable instrument system. Yes, we may go to jail for contempt, tell the judge who sends you there he is contemptible. Each of us may go to prison, that is possible, but if we subscribe to the enemy's lexicon we have already lost!

I say again, when we subscribe to the enemy's lexicon we have conceded the argument. If we put a drop of cyanide into a five gallon bucket of clean water, do we have a bucket of water which is 99% pure? NO! We have a bucket of poisoned water. We are not obligated to drink it just because it is diluted!

I say, reject those who start from a false premise. They do so because it is comfortable. Link up with those he do not require, nor seek, security. The Animating Contest of Freedom cannot be waged in a straitjacket.

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