Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Right To property? Who Owns You? Theft At The Point Of A Gun?

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Who owns you? Does the State own you? Are you someone's property? Asked simply, are you a slave?

Who then owns you? Do you own yourself? Ask a devout socialist/communist this question. He will dodge it, but do not let him. Press hard! "Are you a Slave, or are you a free human being?"

If there is no property, there is no self ownership. However, if you do not own you it stands to reason that someone else does. Does the State own you? Does the State act as if it owns you? Are you a de-facto slave? Are you engaged in involuntary servitude? This then is the oxymoron which makes the whole argument for socialism collapse. If there is no property, and at the same time the State may use or dispose of you as seems expedient, then you are a slave and therefor, property.

If you own you, then that is the basis of the right to all property. It is the most elemental thing. Self ownership and the right to be free and self-determinant confirms the right to property. There is such a thing!

If one owns oneself, then one's wealth, one's labor, one's thoughts are one's property. One's wealth comes from one's effort and labor. One's labor comes from the plan of a rational mind, one's thoughts. One's thoughts come from one's own self. Self ownership equals the inherent right to property.

An exercise then in the practical application of Socialism, in microcosm:

I have two neighbors. One is Bob, who has a wife and three children. The other is Bill, who lives alone. Bob's children are hungry and need new shoes. I, feeling empathy for Bob and his family, decide "something" must be done! I walk over to Bill's house, knock on the door, and when he answers I say,

"Bill, Bob's kids are hungry and need new shoes! I care more than you do about Bob's children! Give me your fucking money!"

Bill looks at me and laughs, "I'm not giving you my money, get off my lawn..."

I then produce a gun and point it at Bill and repeat,

"Bob's kids are hungry! They need new shoes! I care more than you do! Gmme your fucking money now!"

Bill, under duress, reluctantly, reaches for his wallet and pays me. I look at him smugly and say,

"Good... I'll be back next week"

Bill, righteously, feels violated. Indeed he has been violated.

What do you call the action I have taken? It is theft. It is theft at the point of a gun. Do you think I care that I have just stolen a portion of Bill's life? Why should I? I got what I wanted.

If my actions are essentially theft, what would one call it if I hired an agent, a thug, to do the same thing, in my name and on my behalf? It is still theft! What if the thug I hired has a bright shiny new badge, a magic shield, and is a government employee? Does the nature of the act change?

Our Declaration of Independence says that Governments are instituted for the purpose of protecting our rights. Principle among these are the rights to one's life, one's liberty (freedom to move and act as one thinks), and one's property (the end result of one's thoughts translated into rational action, resulting in a product, i.e. food, clothing, a house, or an ounce of Gold)

Socialism/Communism are the negation of these rights. They are the philosophy of the thug and the gangster. Get this folks, Socialism is not a failed economic system. Its proponents do no pursue it because they are stupid and cannot see the lessons of history. They pursue the goal because they know what they dare not declare. Socialism, is a control mechanism. It is a mechanism of institutionalized theft. It works perfectly.

Now, what shall we do about it?

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