Saturday, April 04, 2009

You GOTTA read this, from Sipsey Street

Link...'nuff said.

Go now!

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reefseeker said...

I disagree with Longbow, we don't have more freedom here than many countries. What do you call freedom? One of my business is a Massage Center, I am NOT allowed to be open pass 9pm. I am NOT allowed to hire anyone who does not have insurance, a state license, a city license plus so many fees I don't know where to start. If I was in Hong Kong, or Indonesia, or Thailand to name a few. I can be open 24-7 and hire anyone I please. Who is free? I was an electrical contractor for 20 years, I needed many licenses and bonds. Almost any country on earth you can do work without government approval. My partner got a ticket by the city for replace the fascia board on the front of his house. Needed a $300 permit to replace $75 piece of wood. We are free? Crying? complaining? I am paying over 44% of my hard blood and sweat work to our government who is pissing it away. Don't tell me I am free. I rather we live in a country where I can bribe government and that be the norm, at least I would have some control.

BTW I love my compound bow more than my guns. my website is
with all respect!