Friday, April 03, 2009

Same formula, diferent day...

Here we go again. This time in Binghamton, New York, where strict gun control laws are in place. A mass shooting at an "immigrant services center".

The following information comes from

Quote: "The dead gunman was carrying identification with the name Jiverly Voong, age 42, from upstate New York, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr. He apparently acted alone although investigators are still questioning a number of people who were inside. The motive is not known."

He was recently "let go" from IBM...that is always a good reason to go on a murder spree.

Continuing, quote: "A woman who answered the phone at a listing for Henry D. Voong said she was Jiverly Voong's sister but would not give her name.", and then, "Asked if she was aware that he might have been involved in the shooting, she said: "How? He didn't have a gun. I think somebody involved, not him. I think he got shot by somebody else."

It looks like the shooter's own sister doesn't believe her brother had a gun, or could shoot anyone. Again quoting her, "I think there's a misunderstanding over here because I want to know, too..."

The news media NEVER make an effort to get the details correct when writing a news piece about guns or shooting. For example, here is what said the shooter had, and I quote, "who was also carrying a bag with two guns -- a 9mm with an extended clip (Extended clip? We should ban those...right?), and a .45mm...". A point four five milimeter...are those dangerous? I guess it depends on velocity.

He had a 9mm. (insert weaselly, nasal voice here) Aren't those the really bad kind? And it had an "extended clip" !!! An exended clip? Dear Lord!

The news will slowly trickle out that this was a lone gunman, that there were no warning signs, that he bought his guns illegally...etc. Most importantly, and this HASN'T been reported...yet, he will be found to have been on Prozac or Paxil or some other SSRI type drug.

The Brady Bunch and Schumer, Feinstein will do their ritual blood dance. Our "President", pardon my while I spit, will have a news conference in Europe and tell the world that Americans are too well armed and that all the rational people in the United States are calling for gun bans and more strict regulation.

It makes my blood boil that NO ONE in public office is calling this what it is. New York state is one big Victim Disarmament Zone. Every miscreant knows it. Any one person, properly armed, could have stopped the shooter. Any passerby could have come to aid those inside. But, New York state makes sure that few people are armed and able to defend temselves or someone else.

Anyone else see the pattern here?

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