Saturday, June 17, 2017

Philando Castile's killer Goes Free

Look! A Subject (formerly known as a citizen) in the presence of a Policeman. This is the ONLY posture which "may" preserve your life.

I commented on this first here. Philando Castile was shot because he was carrying concealed, with permission from the State, and he wasn't groveling in fear. Failure to Grovel is a capital offense these days.

I then further commented on this story here. I originally thought the prosecutor's office would decline to prosecute a member of the Gang. After Officer Yanez was charged, I thought for a moment a dead man's family would receive justice.

Now we have this from Yahoo News. Officer Yanez has been acquitted.

So, a Jury in Minnesota has decided and confirmed, that if,

a citizen is carrying a firearm, which he has a Constitutionally secured "right" to do, and if,

the citizen announces to the policeman that he is carrying a firearm as the statute requires, and if,

the officer experiences an adverse emotional state,

ANY act other than groveling in fear, prostrating oneself, speaking softly, begging the officer's forgiveness, and remaining as still as a scared rabbit,

WILL GET YOU KILLED! The policeman is RIGHT and JUSTIFIED in killing you. You are SUBJECT TO EXECUTION on the spot. All at the policeman's discretion.

Do you get it yet, subject?

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