Monday, June 13, 2016

What If You Shot A Cop's Dog?

This story comes to us courtesy of David Codrea. The original Story is at The Daily Steeple.

Cope go out on a domestic disturbance call. Cops go to wrong address. Cops shoot and kill beloved pet dog named Buddy. Cops then claim there was,


The question is, what would happen if you shot a policeman's dog at his home? What would the policeman do to you? Or a better question would be, what would the policeman get away with doing to you?

But, you say, the cops were on business! What if you were on your business? What if you were walking down the sidewalk in a local neighborhood and dogs approached you barking and snarling, but staying in their yard? Would YOU be "authorized" to shoot them? Could you claim "No other reasonable option?"

I can just hear the audio coming from the dash cam on this one,

"Keep your paws when I can see them! Stop resisting! Stop reaching for my gun!"

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