Saturday, June 11, 2016

General David Petraeus: Oathbreaker

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By the way, what are you saluting there, Dave?

This story comes from

It seems that the esteemed General is colluding with Mark Kelly (husband to Gabby Giffords) to form an advocacy group, with the intention of lobbying for universal background checks. That is, universal prior restraints.

Leftists never get enough of placing prior restraints on rights until they feel better. They never feel better. There are only more restraints on your rights.

How about your right to breathe? Should we put prior restraints on your right to breathe, until you are able to prove you "need to"?

On a related note, what famous General didn't want to be seen at Bilderberg? I'll give you a hint... where do you think he gets his marching orders?

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