Sunday, August 02, 2015

Operation Fast and Furious Rears Its Head again

Remember, folks, Obama, Clinton, Holder et al. wanted this.

And this...

But then they got this...

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Their first response was a quote from Bart Simpson, "Uh, uh... I didn't do it!"

Their next response was, "Uh... it was a field operation! Rogue Agents... I didn't know!"

Thier last pathetic attempt at an excuse was, "Well, yeah, we did it... but we didn't do anything wrong and we won't do it again! Besides, Bush did it too! So there!

This comes from NY Daily News Dot Com.

It seems that the weapon used by the Rag Head to shoot up the Rag Head Ridiculing Contest was acquired from one of the batches which were smuggled during the DOJ's Fast and Furious gun smuggling operation.

The news media, all of them including the highly respected Fox News, keep calling this a "botched sting" or "an investigation gone out of control" or some other such nonsense. Fast and Furious was a smuggling operation. It was criminal facilitation. There was a plan, a strategy and a desired outcome. It was NOT for the purpose of tracking weapons and breaking up cartels. Its purpose was to advance the Gun Prohibitionist narrative that "crime guns in Mexico originate in American gun shops and there must be severe restrictions on the rights of American Citizens because Mexicans are behaving badly".

Remember, folks, the only reason Fast and Furious was exposed is because a Federal Agent was killed. If only mere mortals, be they Mexicano or Estado Unidiense, were being killed the narrative would continue to be, "Ninty percent of all guns traced at Mexican crime scenes are traced back to U.S. gun shops. We must have Reasonable Restritions. (How about I put some reasonable restrictions on your right to breath? Oh, and I will be the one to decide what is "reasonable". You like that idea, shit-head?)

Again, the only thing "botched" was the cover up. The only thing they regret is being exposed. But then, they'll never be held to account for it in this life time. They aren't well meaning but misguided. They are evil.

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