Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Abortion Is Murder! They're Discussing The MURDER of Human Babys.

They coldly discuss the harvesting of "intact cadavers" then proudly display their wares. Human baby body parts are displayed in a tray. They are talking about killing a Baby, then dissecting it, then calling the parts "specimens". The truth is they KILL an unborn baby in its natural environment, then they cut it up like cattle in a slaughter house. If the baby cadaver doesn't come out whole, they can still sell what parts are recoverable. Like a whole Brain or a whole Liver, etc...

Look closely. Then watch the video a second time.

video found on youtube

Edit: found this picture at Sipsey Street (thanks Mike.)

They are proud of this. 

Evil does not come in a more fundamental form.

As my God Father told me, the hardest part and what we MUST do, PRAY for them!

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Walter Zoomie said...

If this is somebody's idea of "choice," then they chose wrong. This is pure evil. If somebody disagrees...and I don't care who you are...family, friend, whatever...you can unfriend me and be gone from my life forever. I want nothing to do with you.

Watch the video. All of it. That casserole dish was full of human arms, legs, eyes, fingers, toes, and lungs. You are a soulless ghoul if you think they didn't belong to a human being...a baby.

These satanic bastards act like it's cool, and treat these slaughtered innocents as if their dismembered bodies are used auto parts to be bought and sold.

Never before have I been so angered and saddened that something so inherently perverse can be taking place in a country I once so dearly loved.

Innocent and defenseless human life no longer has any value in this country. People are more upset about a gawd damned lion being poached.

There will be a horrible reckoning. Someday. Somehow.