Thursday, June 27, 2013

Texas DPS Officers Didn't Get Away With It... Digitally Raping Two Citizens.

You might remember,  a few months back, two women in Texas allege that a Texas DPS officer digitally raped them during a traffic stop. There is video of the whole incident. To their credit and my dismay, the women being assaulted were amazingly calm and compliant. Perhaps it is because they wanted to live through the rest of the night after the rape was over.

A local CBS station has the video posted here. It is disgusting to watch. One wonders where the husbands and fathers are in Texas.

It started with a traffic stop. The reason for the stop? Littering. Yes littering. Two women were subjected to digital rape by a police officer for littering.

Early on, the first DPS officer decided he was going to search the women. Probable Cause for a search? It doesn't matter. He can always make something up on the spot. For example, "I thought I detected the smell of Marijuana..." or "Furtive movement..." hell take your pick. It doesn't matter the excuse, the officer knows he can get away with it.

He begins trying to bully her as soon as he orders her out of the car. He takes the driver off camera where his body language would not speak to anyone watching the video later, but he could be as intimidating as he wanted to be while using a level tone of voice. He then lies to the second officer who arrives to perform the search, saying, "They're both acting a little weird..." This lends justification to the search in the mind of the second officer. After all, a member of the Gang wouldn't lie to a fellow ( or in this case, sister) member, would he? The female DPS officer then proceeds to digitally rape both motorists.

The driver finally tells the thugs that she has been digitally raped and the officer responds with a simple, "You can go."

The end result was the Texas DPS payed out a settlement of  $185,000.00 to the victims.The officer performing the digital rape of the victim, Kelly Helleson has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression. You can read that story here. 

It is not clear if any charges will be brought against the other officer, David Farrell, though he has been suspended.

The attorney representing the victims is quoted, by the local CBS news station, as saying, “It will deter any future misconduct by any police officer or trooper in the future, for sure. That’s part of why they brought this lawsuit,” he said. “This will probably never happen again because of this lawsuit and the attention this has gotten.”

I don't believe this will never happen again.  They did  it this way this time, because they were confident they would get away with it. They have probably done this before. They were rather nonchalant aboutt he whole thing.

The worst thing about this to me is the fact that Texas DPS Troopers digitally raped and sexually assaulted two women on the highway, who they had stopped for the crime of littering, and thought nothing of it. They truly believed they could casually commit sexual assault on two citizens. They didn't see it as a crime. They saw it as doing the RIGHT THING.

Right now, in Texas, there is a DPS officer saying, "Oh well, I'm glad that didn't happen in my department... Oh wait, DPS is my department... I mean, uhhh, I'm glad those two weren't on my squad... Oh wait, they were on my squad... I mean, uhhhmmm, I'm glad I wasn't forced to do that due to some Civilian littering..."

This is where we are in the former US of A. 

I keep hearing how cops must be on their guard against me, for they never know when I might just decide to kill them on a routine traffic stop. It makes me think, if I am stopped for a minor traffic infraction, a cop may just decide to rape me, and if I resist that rape he may very well kill me.

Bullies and Thugs in Official State Costume, are you proud of yourselves? This is your profession. These are your brethren. This did happen. Those were the same Oath Keeping good guys who "would never do such a thing".

Whatcha gonna do about it? Nothing? Thought so.

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