Saturday, June 22, 2013

A FedGoon explains Use of Force

This piece linked from Sipsey Street Irregulars  (thanks Mike!) stirred up quite a hornet's nest of replies. Most of them are what I expected. Liberty minded people, citizens of this Republic, are at the end of their rope with being stomped on and treated like subjects.

My response to "Bob", who authored the piece was as follows (this applies to you State, County, and City boys also):

"Bob" has just outlined the nature and intent of State Employed Goons. One might sum it up like this:

"You will submit to me, because I am your Master and I may kill you if I please."

Isn't that about right?

Quote "And if they violate your rights, you can take legal action against them and their agency."

That is if you are not deceased because the FedGoon decided that he FELT LIKE you assaulted him and decided to "escalate".

US v. Bad Elk is correct. It is lawful and within the natural right of a free man, and the law is very clear on this, to resist arrest or any other action of a State Employed Goon if, before anything else happens, the Goon uses more force than is necessary.

Why don't you just submit and comply with your ass whipping and your broken bones? You can always go to court and beg for redress... right?

Not if you're dead you can't.

Bob, your 5%, 3% and 1%, while noteworthy, as nowhere near the truth.

If the vast majority of FedGoons were such good men, men of honor, men or sterling character, then Waco would never have happened.

If more than half of FedGoons were such stand up good guys, the truth would have been told by whistle blowers and dissenters who had resigned in disgust as the fictional narrative was being told on CNN and their fellow FedGoons were stomping around on the hot ashes of what had, moments earlier, been very much alive men, women and children.

People seek out positions of power over other people, not because they are benevolent wise men, but because they are arrogant power mongering control freaks who cannot not exist on a level playing field.

Why don't you go back to the locker room , or your office and stroke each others' egos and tell each other what super-duper good guys you are. Brag to each other how you clobbered that "perp" who refused to roll over and piss on himself in fear of your imminent awesomeness  Sell it to your own kind, Bob. I ain't buying your snake oil today.
I lost my illusion too many years ago.

State Employed Goons, you want to know the nature of the problem? Look in the God Damned mirror.

Never mind, you don't want to know.

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Walter Zoomie said...

Thank you for your well-written response to this little piggy's treatise.

You saved me a lot of typing!