Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two Examples of My Previous Thoughts (update 1)

Here are two perfect examples where a cop could ask himself, "Am I acting in defense of Life, Liberty and Property?", or he might simply ask, "Am I 'helping people' or am I a Thug?"

First, I saw this piece on Yahoo news about a woman driving two miles per hour BELOW the speed limit. She also happened to be driving in the left lane. Probably the most egregious offense was being in front of the cop when he approached her in the left lane. This is most likely an example of failure to render obeisance.

Next, we have an example of a group of policemen gladly taking a woman to jail on the flimsiest allegations. She was merely protesting her property taxes being raised, based on an assessment by a private company which works for the county, which is trying to assess the property values more highly in order to increase the taxes on them.

There are two sources on this incident. One is Inforwars dot com, and another is Examiner dot com,  either of them has a complete write up and you can get a full account, except of course for the County's side which is something you don't need to know.

This woman had the unmitigated gall to quote the Constitution at a public meeting. What happened after that should make your blood boil... if you are an American. She was escorted out of the meeting hall, followed to her car and then told, quote from examiner dot com:

"See if you are able to pay your property taxes NOW!"

When she arrived home there were five patrol vehicles and a paddy wagon. She was arrested on an allegation, transported to the police station, booked, handcuffed to a chair, and told she had to surrender two firearms she legally owned. Quote from the Infowars piece:

After police arrested her, they demanded she hand over her two guns, a .357-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and a .40-caliber Glock for “safekeeping.” If she had refused, a judge would have set bail too high for her family to pay.

These incidents, folks are perfect examples of opportunities for Policemen to ask them selves "Am I doing the right thing? Am I defending Life Liberty and Property?" If they never ask the question, they are prone to thuggery, because they will do what ever their supervisors tell them to do. If they do ask the question but do the wrong thing anyway, they are Oath Breakers and simply do not care.

These are also examples of opportunities for those Good Cops we keep hearing about, you know, the ones who are supposedly in the vast majority, to stand up and say "No, I ain't doin' it!" These are the perfect opportunities for those Good Cops to stop the bad ones, you know the few bad apples we keep hearing about, from doing the wrong thing and to correct their behavior.

What do you suppose would happen if, when the cop wrote the ticket for going two miles under the limit, when he got back to the station, he was vigorously corrected by his peers? Anything? You think peer pressure, at a minimum, might change the way he conducts himself?

What do you suppose would happen if, when the woman who protested her property taxes was actually protected by the police in her right, first to her property, and second in her right to keep arms in her home? Anything? Do you think any of the Thugs who arrested her actually stopped and gave some thought to her rights? No, they were just doing their job. They went and arrested a peaceful woman, who had no criminal record, and who exercised her right to speak at a public meeting, on an empty allegation, with no investigation done to validate the allegation. They were told to go out and ruin a woman's life and that is what they did.

You want another example? Try this one, where cops get caught on video planting "evidence". Later, when the video is shown by the local press, the charges get dropped because the "evidence" cannot be located. Shucks by golly! Who would have thought of such a thing?

And they did it because they are such "Good Guys" right? Opportunities abound.

Civilian Policemen, you DO have a choice. You can be Constitutional Peace Officers, or you can be Law Enforcement. Go to this website for more information.

Our founding fathers, and the framers of the Constitution, warned us about keeping up standing armies in times of peace. This is exactly what they were talking about. This abuse of people's liberty is exactly what they envisioned when they proscribed the keeping up of armed bodies, paid by the government to do it's bidding, among the peaceful population.

 What is the difference between this,

...and this?

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Anonymous said...

It was easier to shoot the guys in red; that's one reason why we won that revolution and would probably lose the next. We've created our own monster and now have no way to stop it from destroying us.