Monday, March 04, 2013

A Cop Wakes Up or Welcome to the Real World

Chris Hernandez has a very insightful piece about cop culture. Chris should be commended for telling the truth. I hope and pray that more men like him will do likewise. One is better than none.

Thanks, Chris.

Go read the entire piece and remember that he is in the minority.

Link to article

Money Quotes:

" I had been something of an idealist about cops. I thought American cops would go by what’s right and wrong instead of looking for what they can legally get away with."

"I know now that cops like Joe have no problem violating people’s rights, as long as they have some “official” way to do it."
" Keep in mind, I became a police officer because I wanted to be a good guy. Even though we’ve all seen reports of police brutality and corruption, I still believe we cops are the good guys."

"I keep hearing we don’t need the 2nd Amendment. I keep hearing the 2nd Amendment is an anachronism. I keep hearing that it was written for a time long past, when we had to worry about foreign invasion and government tyranny. I keep hearing the 2nd Amendment should be repealed because there’s no threat of tyranny today."

(You're hearing this from whom? Your fellow cops? Those stand up good guys you revere so much? Those super-swell heroes who swore an oath, like you did, to support and defend the Constitution?)

Welcome the the real world, Chris. Most citizens have to go through a good Law Enforcement fucking before they wake up. Better late than never.

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