Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Burned Him Alive? No, They Wouldn't Do That.....

First, from CBS Los Angeles is the completely unforeseen headline,

Cabin In Dorner Barricade Situation Engulfed In Flames


Now, no one saw that coming did they? I mean, a fire? Shucks by golly! I mean, Jeepers! Who duh'thunk it?

USA Today doesn't say a word about what caused a fire, only that a deputy was killed and another wounded when they tried to storm the cabin. They believed Dorner was injured in the gunfight but had no idea if he had been killed by gunfire. It simply doesn't occur to them to ask the question, "Was he burned alive?"

The UK Guardian reports, "The cabin where Dorner was said to have been holed-up in Big Bear has been engulfed by flames. Earlier up to 200 police officers were said to have been outside the building, guns drawn."

ABC Local reports, " The cabin was on fire and smoke was coming from the structure in the late afternoon after police surrounded it in the snow-covered woods of Big Bear..."  They are also reporting that as soon as his vehicle was spotted, he was "engaged", meaning officers began shooting as him as soon as they saw what looked like their man. This is the same tactic used in Torrance, CA when two ladies were shot for the crime of driving a dark colored truck while delivering newspapers.

Infowars has multiple sources along with voice recordings of police demanding Dorner be burned alive.

Watch/listen to this Youtube video all the way to the end. They are discussing which sides of the building are fully engulfed in flames and holding back the fire trucks because they "didn't have full penetration".

But, I don't see a word yet about how Dorner set himself on fire and committed suicide. 

Are they not even going to try to make the claim this time?

Now they are saying... yeah we put incendiary devices in the cabin, but we didn't "intentionally" start the fire... (smirk, grin, chuckle). The Sheriff says they didn't start a fire to get Dorner out. That is true. They started a fire to burn him alive. I am sure that if Dorner had come out naked, carrying a white flag, they would have shot him dead as soon as he was visible. Any tenuous excuse of "might have had a weapon", or "furtive movement" would have sufficed.

Folks, this is doctrine now. This is what they have in store for you, when you decide the Gang can't have their way with you any more. It will be but a minor blip on history's radar screen, if it is remembered at all.

Get used to the idea. 

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tobias said...

And we are just left wondering if he killed himself or set the place on fire first?