Monday, May 17, 2010

They killed a little girl...

Watch this video.

For more information, read this news article.


There is video of the raid. The family's lawyer has a copy of it.


They killed a little girl. The first thing they can think to say in public is...

"The lead officer's gun went off..."

Yeah. That is what happened. The gun jumped out of it's holster, wrapped itself around the Lead Officer's booger hook, and sent the autonomic command to fire to the Officer's brain. Sounds reasonable. Yeah, they'll buy that (stupid civilians).

"...after he encountered a 46-year-old woman inside the front room of the home and "some level of physical contact" ensued."

Some level of physical contact? Like a grandma trying to protect her granddaughter, thus shielding SOMETHING from the nice Officer? Or maybe Grandma was trying to keep her granddaughter from burning to death after the flash-bang was dropped on her.

"Police do not believe the gun was fired intentionally."

No? The the extremely professional and highly qualified "Only Ones" went into a home to execute an arrest warrant and fired a bullet into a little girl unintentionally? If it was unintentional, why was the officer's gun out of it's holster and his finger on the trigger?

All high speed, teflon coated, and bullitt proof ain't it guys? All that high speed special ops training you got a couple of months ago, kinda cool, ain't it? You get to go to a couple of weeks of SWAT school and that makes you just like a Ranger or a Navy SEAL, right? Right? RIGHT?

You really GOOD guys. You GOOD GUYS who "just want to do the right thing".

What if.....? What if, one of these times, when you GOOD GUYS deploy out, the neighbors grab their weapons and turn the tables? You gonna roll back up and call for more REALLY GOOD GUYS? More "Only Ones"? More extremely qualified and highly professional and proficient Super Swell SWAT guys? More Super Swell SWAT Guys who have a couple of weeks of SWAT training under their belts? More Super Swell Guys who have some SWAT Training, and believe they are the same as a Ranger or a Navy SEAL?

I have a suggestion for all of you wanna-be "Only Ones" who think that SWATing citizens of this country is just about the ultimate in a rockin' good time. Read the AAR's of Waco, or better, watch the video which was taken AFTER the gunfight had ended (See the film, Waco: The Rules of Engagement). You'll see a bunch of those REALLY GOOD GUYS backing away, from a home and church, with their hands up, after they had run out of ammo and their high speed, low drag, raid had failed.

Did you do the right thing here? Of course you did. The Cops are always right! That mean, nasty old handgun fired itself and killed the girl. Just think what might have happend if that mean old nasty handgun had been in the hands of a mere civilian, one not nearly so thoroughly trained or as proficient as the Only One to which it was attached! Hell that gun might have run out and wreaked havoc on the city!

Hey, I have an idea! charge the Officer's handgun with a crime, then confiscate everything associated with it on the operation! Lets think of a really cool name for it...

uhmmmm, something like, asset forfeiture!

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