Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Control the People!


A couple of days ago I tried to explain to you who the enemy really is. I have been trying to open people's eyes to this reality for years.

This comes from and is a recording of Congressman John Dingell telling you what his true goal is.

Link to Dingell Video on

There you have it. The true goal is to "control the people".

I say again, folks, people like Rep. Dingell are NOT,

"...nice people who mean well, but are misguided."

They are control freaks and would-be tyrants. Their lust for power knows no end. They will never be sated. They will continue to expand their authority over you until you decide to stop them.

The are not "well intentioned". They are not "misguided". They are evil. They walk the earth wearing the same clothes and speaking a similar language, but they DO NOT think like you.

Learn to read them. Learn to see through their mask. Turn your television OFF and think for yourself!

Do some form of PT every day. Get outside and train with your weapons, practice your martial skills. Keep your basic load at hand. Keep your food stores well stocked and have water source and purification accessible.

Most importantly, talk to your neighbors.

Just two days ago a friend visited me. This friend stormed away angry at me about a month ago after I suggested he had been lied to about 9-11 and perhaps he should look into it. Then he comes in after the Obamination calling itself a "health care bill" was signed into law. Now he is ready to learn. There was indeed a straw which broke the camel's back.

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