Sunday, November 08, 2009

They did it again...

I have been telling people since the election, last year, that the Socialists/Communists in Congress would go full bore with their leftist agenda. I warned that while they have a majority in both houses and the presidency, they will want only one thing.

That thing is, to do the maximum amount of damage to our Constitutional foundation, to our nationhood, as they can while the have power. It matters not that they will be pummeled in the next election cycle. It matter not that most of them will be thrown out of office very soon. What matters is that they advance the agenda as much as possible right now! Now, while they are able. This is religion. Their religion is Marxism, or secular humanism if you will.

Do you remember 1994? Do you remember how angry the electorate was over tax increases? Over the Brady Bill and the Firearms ban? Do you remember the Branch Davidians being murdered by Federal agents, by running them over with tanks and setting them on fire? Do you remember the hearings which whitewashed that event after the fact? Do you remember how the "Republicans" swore that when they took office they would begin to roll back the Clinton agenda? Do you remember Speaker Newt leading the charge?

Well? Was ANY of the Clinton agenda rolled back? Did Stateism/Marxism/Socialism ever recede from its Great Leap Forward? Did Mr. Bush significantly roll back the power of the Federal Government, or did he do the exact opposite?

This comes from Alan Keys via Worldnetdaily. This is that of which we can expect more in the very near future. It really IS up you, folks...

"Seen from this perspective it is clear that the Obama faction's present ascendancy isn't mainly due to anything the leftist Democrats have achieved. It's due to what the false-flag "conservatives" of the Republican Party power structure have prevented true conservatives from achieving. Covertly or openly, they have been the "spoilers" of conservative victory who, like Tolkien's Grima Wormtongue, poison the thought, weaken the heart and chill the limbs of the latent majority that may yet save the American republic. As the other Wormtongue did to the king of Rohan, so they do to the conservative constituency, acting to prevent its full strength from being gathered. Will destructive results from their artful fecklessness, like the thwarted conservative victory in New York's 23rd Congressional District, finally be enough to loose their fatal hold over those friends of the republic still trapped in the delusion of GOP conservatism that is Republican in name only? Or will they simply allow a different cast of the same troupe of actors to credential themselves for another round in this tragicomic political charade? (I invite readers to peruse the article I posted on this subject on my Loyal to Liberty blog.) I guess it depends on whether tea partiers, as well as other conservatives now awakening, remember this: The patriots at the Boston Tea Party weren't drinking tea, they were throwing it overboard. There's a lesson in that when it comes to drinking the Kool-Aid being served up by the false-flag "conservatives" presently at the helm of the GOP."

Now, whatcha gonna do about it? Nuttin? Thought so.

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Diogenes said...

with the present course, somethings going to give.

One person isn't going to do anything but commit suicide by cop. There needs to be a slip up on their part for this party to get started. No Fort Sumnters.

You are dead on right about the travesties of this mess though. There will be hell to pay, and the American people will pay that price again when push comes to shove. That may only be 5 or 6 states pushing the envelope of secession but push they will when the people are being thrown in jails for the victimless crime of 'not having health insurance'.