Monday, November 30, 2009

Encountered a snitch...

Saturday night, after a hard day of work at a gun show, friends asked me to dinner with them at a local restaurant. I went. When I walked in, my friends introduced me to a fine young man, recently of the United States Marine Corps, who would be having dinner with us.

I had encountered this young man at the show earlier in the day. He had come by my tables and boisterously interrupted my conversation with my customer. He had stated that he was "an AK guy" and knew a lot about AK type rifles. I politely let him rattle on until he ran out of steam, then resumed the conversation with my customer, which amounted to, "I'm going to get my check book".

Anyway, back to dinner. Our new "friend" told tall tales about how he was awake and aware of the problems in our country and that he was deeply committed to the "patriot movement". He really laid in on thick.

OK, guy, we get it. You're a good guy. We get it! You don't have to be so loud.

Next, our new "friend" pulls out a pocket sized Technical Manual for a piece of equipment known as the A/N PVS-14, which is a night vision monocular in use by our military. He looked at me and said, "I'm sure YOU know what that is...".

I asked him, "Are you trying to sell that?" His reply said it all. Now what he said and the way he said it were calculated to elicit a particular response. First, it was said to ingratiate. Second it was meant to psychologically disarm. And lastly it was meant to place me/us on the defensive, psychologically speaking. His reply to my inquiry about selling the PVS-14 was, "That depends on whether or not you're wearing a wire...ha ha ha."

In other words, we're ALL crooks here right? I can trust you guys, right?

Strike one, pal.

A bit later, he started telling us how he had access to 14-15,000 pieces of 5.56mm brass, which recently came off the ranges as Camp Pendleton. Also, he had .50 BMG brass for a buck a piece.

Strike two, dick-weed.

Then it got better, he began to spin a tall tale about how when he was in the USMC, he did something stupid which got him some extra duty. One in our party inquired what it was that got him in trouble. He couldn't seem to remember that detail, but you know how a young man is, he did something stupid....uhhhmmmm, you know, doesn't matter what it was...hhhmmmm...anyway, extra duty. This is the good part, his extra duty was an assignment to the arms room (WTF?). While he was working in the arms room one day, some Force RECON Marines, you know, those Spec-ops guys, came in from a training rotation out in the field. While they were cleaning up and turning in their equipment, they told our "friend" that they had a whole case of suppressors/silencers, and asked him to "throw them away" for them. The reason being, they were rotating overseas and would be given new equipment when they arrived.

Hmmmm, things get curiouser and curiouser. Take some expensive, sensitive, federally registered, property-book items and just "throw them away" because they were getting new ones anyway.

Strike Three fuck-head.

He was fishing hard. He was casting and retrieving as fast as he could... and nobody nibbled. While he had been talking, he had also been fingering his cell phone. When he got up to use the facilities, he left his cell phone on the table. I guess he figured we would just continue talking, you know, about stolen military equipment and such.

I hate snitches worse than just about anything. Snitches, and those who run them, are low-life scum. They entice unsuspecting people into doing something they probably WOULDN'T have done, and then, with glee, close the trap and yell GOTCHA! Then parade their prize in public, declaring to all the world how they are the saviors of society, keeping unlawful felons "off the streets".

For the record, this fellow was either a federal agent, a snitch for a federal agent, or too stupid to be in our company.

It didn't work, Fuck-face! Nobody fell into your snare. No "Gotcha!" this time.

The bad thing is, they keep coming. They keep trying. They keep setting them up and knocking them down, putting people in prison for doing things they wouldn't have been inclined to do, if not enticed. They walk in our midst. They expect the law abiding to pay them. The expect gratitude and respect. They move among peaceful people and they prey on them.

They aren't worth the time I put into writing this blog entry. I thought everyone should know.

Hey, Sean, go fuck yourself!


Anonymous said...

You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

Kerodin said...

The problem Patriots have with bureaucrats and LEO is simple: They have about 30 years from the time they begin their careers until retirement, and every day is filled with trying to get in our arses.

...and they make the next GS paygrade by duping some poor guy into a honeypot.

Snitches deserve ditches...

Just found your site, added to the blogroll at my place. Good work here.