Friday, May 27, 2016

Executed For Failure To Grovel

The end result was a man dead in a hotel hallway. The man was a threat to no one and had not committed a crime. He was shot dead when he did something other than abject submission. Remember, folks, the cops work under counter-terrorism rules. Any action other than abject submission is an act which, under these rules of engagement, is a hostile act. The appropriate reaction to such an act is "shoot 'em dead".

Daniel Shaver didn't know the rules. The cops know the rules. They won't tell you the rules. They demand you grovel before them. Any other action, gesture or intention, will get you shot. And, by the way, the cops WILL NOT render aid. They will cuff you and wait for you to bleed out. If that ambulance and para-medics arrive in time, well, thats ok I guess. Otherwise, sucks to be you.


“Young man, you are not to move,” Langley says to Shaver. “You are to put your eyes down and look down at the carpet. You are to keep your fingers interlaced behind your head. You are to keep your feet crossed. If you move, we’ re going to consider that a threat and we are going to deal with it and you may not survive it.

“Do you understand me?” Langley asks.

What Daniel Shaver did was reach down to keep his underwear from falling off. That action was not abject surrender, abject submission. It was failure to grovel. That got him shot. It doesn't matter that he wasn't actually reaching for a weapon. It doesn't matter that a reasonable man might see him only pulling up his underwear. What matters is that, the act of pulling up his underwear wan an act other than submission and that got him killed. The cop who shot him can make any justification he wants to. He can say something like, "Under the totality of the circumstances... furtive movement... reasonably believed... threat to my life and my fellow officers... had no choice... feel really bad about it, but..." etc.

It doesn't matter, Shaver failed to grovel.

Read more about this incident HERE.

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