Thursday, April 28, 2016

Charged With Assault On A Policeman... But There Is Video.

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This story comes from The Blaze, where the main point of the piece is about cops lying. They don't really say that though. They say that ultimately, charges were dropped. It seems two young men were followed into a restaurant by two cops who decided to assert their "Authoritah!" In short the college aged young men were bullied and thumped. 

They fought back. According the The Blaze,

"The police initially stated that the officers were not at fault and did not employ excessive force during the encounter, and Moore and Mitchell, then teenagers, received charges for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest."

The first thing that occurred to the cops to do was to lie in their official reports and charge the young men with multiple felonies. The cops lied. The police public affairs statement on the matter was a lie. That means the chain of command in the department were fully supportive of the lie.

Once the video was reviewed by the prosecutor, says The Blaze,

"But the charges were dropped a couple weeks later after the video footage was reviewed."

In other words, the cops were proven to have lied and the prosecutor gave them a pass. Were the cops charged with perjury? No. Were the cops charged with felonious assault and battery? No. Will the cops ever be held to account for their actions? In all probability, no.

But, but... the vast majority...

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