Sunday, November 08, 2015

Idaho Statesman Tells Us About Jack Yantis' Murder

This piece is from the Idaho Statesman. The headline reads:

‘I saw them murder my husband’

Witnesses to the killing are now speaking about what they saw. The two deputies who shot and killed Yantis are on paid leave. The exoneration of the two deputies is still pending the Idaho State Police exhaustive investigation. This should enrage the people of Idaho. All the people that is, except those in Law Imposement. If you wear the Super hero Costume and bear the Magic Shield, you cannot be wrong, so there's nothing to se here. Two members of The Gang murdered a mere mortal. So what? It's the cost of doing business.

The line from First Blood comes to mind, Sheriff Teasle reminds us, "People go fucking around with the Law, and all hell breaks loose!"

The Waingro line from HEAT comes to mind also, "I had to get it on, man! He was makin' a move! I had to get it on!"

I don't believe this will go anywhere. Perhaps there will be a law suit. Perhaps the Yantis family will prevail and be awarded some money from the County. Perhaps the two deputies will eventually find Law Imposement jobs somewhere else. Will there be justice? Not in this lifetime.

Money quotes from the Idaho Statesman piece:

"The rifle’s barrel was about 2 feet from the bull, and Jack Yantis’ finger was on the trigger. 
“Everything was going as planned. … I did not notice any conversation at all” between Jack Yantis and the deputies, Paradis said. “Then the one cop turned around and grabbed his shoulder and jerked him backwards.” 
The deputy came from behind, spun Yantis around and grabbed the rifle’s scope, Paradis said.
The deputy pushed Yantis. The rifle was still in Yantis’ hands, its barrel pointed at the ground. Yantis was trying to regain his footing. 
Paradis said he does not know whether the rifle fired, but he thinks it might have discharged accidentally when the deputy grabbed Yantis and spun him, or when one of the deputy’s bullets pierced Yantis’ hand holding the rifle, hitting the gun and damaging it.
One deputy began shooting at Yantis, then the other deputy started shooting."


"Donna Yantis said she and Paradis screamed at the deputies to stop. 
Shot in the chest and abdomen, Jack Yantis fell to the ground. Neither deputy went to check on him. Paradis and Donna Yantis started running toward him. 
“And then they threatened me and my nephew ... threw us on the middle of Highway 95, searched us and handcuffed us, and wouldn’t let us go take care of Jack,” Donna Yantis said.
Paradis said one deputy pointed his gun at Paradis’ head.
Donna Yantis had a heart attack. Some time later, she was taken by ambulance to Midvale and then by helicopter to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, where she remained hospitalized Saturday."

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