Sunday, July 19, 2015

Words Fail me, Excpet... "Its California"

An entire neighborhood evacuated because firearms and ammunition were found in a deceased person's home?

From CBS L:cal Los Angeles:

Guns? Oh my goodness me!

The statement about the panicked discoverer (quote from the piece):

 "Officials said it is the same home where a death investigation was conducted on Friday. The person died from natural causes. However, when going through the home, someone uncovered the firearms and called the police."

The action by heroic local authorities (again quoting from the CBSlocal piece):

"LAPD and a bomb squad were sent to the Pacific Palisades for most of the night, forcing dozens of residents to stay out of their homes for more than eight hours."


"The neighborhood remained evacuated while the bomb squad secured the scene until authorities let people return to the neighborhood at 9 pm."

Will the Benevolent Heroes of the local bomb squad be able save the residents of Pacific Palisades from those icky thingies?

"Save us! Oh save us Mighty Mouse! I saw a firearm and it made me feel bad when I looked at it!"

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