Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Report of Thugs in Action

This one comes from Pro Liberate by way of Battlefield USA and is illustrative of the degeneracy of our public officials.

The clencher:

"Of course,  the most significant fact in this case – namely, that Uhrig and his partner broke the law by invading Miller’s home and assaulting her in front of her family – was established beyond dispute at the October 2012 suppression hearing. From the instant he crossed the threshold of Miller’s home without a warrant or permission, Uhrig became an armed robber. In a genuinely civilized society, he would have been treated as such at the point of his crime – or, at least, subject to the appropriate criminal penalties after the fact." 

(image found on Google)

We put up with Thugs. Thugs who wear a Super Hero costume and bear a Magic Shield. They tell us, "I'm a Law Imposement Officer and I will fuck you up and get away with it! I'll beat the shit out of you then charge you with assault on a Police Officer! I'll invade your home and terrorize your family whenever it pleases me! You better just lay down and piss on yourself or I will FUCKING KILL YOU!"

As The Eagles sang, How long... How long...?

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