Monday, July 22, 2013

Ahh... The Parasite's Paradox

This piece comes from and explains to the uninformed, or the misinformed, how basic macro-economics works. Thanks to WRSA for the link. The piece is concise and very worthy of a read.

The Parasite's Paradox is this, the Parasite wants desperately to feed off the host in quantities which would kill the host and thus deprive the Parasite of its food which would, logically, kill the parasite. The Parasite knows it must have a healthy host off of which it can suck in order to live, but by living off the host it will eventually destroy it's own food supply. It knows it must not be too burdensome, if it wants to continue to exist, but it just cannot help itself. It is after all, a Parasite.

Socialists, Marxists, Statists, Bullies, Thugs and Control Freaks of all stripes are such as these.

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