Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She'll be confirmed...

Are YOU ready for the kinds of opinions she will hand down?

Asked today by Senator Tom Coburn,

"Do I have a right to personal self-defense?"

Sotomayor replied,

"That's an abstract question."

Do you see it folks? There is no standard.

This is the mentality of the control-freak and the would-be tyrant.

In her mind, there is only what I say at this particular time. What I say next time, might be different.

How will you know? You won't.

On what should you base your decisions, on how to run your life? You shouldn't.

You'll just have to wait for me to tell you if what you want is permitted. I'll make that decision depending on how I feel about it when you ask.

I may not answer you at all. You must respond to me. I don't have to respond to you.

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sofa said...

The Constitution doesn't say what it says. 'Bill of Rights' is typo, actually more like 'Wandering William of Priveleges' that change direction at the whim of wise latinas and kenyan muslims.