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German Manhood Rising. Bet On It.

In the wake of several years of immigrant crime waves and terrorist attacks, why are there not many German Vigilance parties about the streets of German cities? Why are German MEN not protecting their women and property?

Conditioning is the reason.

Because they know very well that the police will arrest and prosecute them if they attempt to defend their Family, Clan and Nation.

The Police, you know, those really good guys who just want to do the right thing? You know, those stand up guys who would never do such a nasty thing as to arrest a man for defending his Family and town? You know, those super-duper good guys who are worshiped because they have special dispensation from the ruling class to carry arms in defense of the State and against their neighbors?

"We can't have Vigilante Gangs roaming the streets!" you say?

Sure you can.  Who do you think these guys were?

I'll give you a hint:

Click on this link and read about the Guardian Angels.

Organizations such as this will be sprouting up all over Europe.

Thanks to mtnforge as posted on WRSA

The time is at hand when German Men will percieve juice to be worth the squeeze. German Policemen need to make a clear decision as to whom they serve. More surveilance cameras directed at german citizens will not stop jihadi terrorists, nor foreign born muslims generally, from behaving badly any more than severely restricting the natural right of free men to go about armed will stop criminals and highwaymen from plying their trade. TPTB believe they have German manhood neutered. I suspect that there is a good number who have retained their testicles and when the time is right, soon enough now, will exercise them.

Jimmy Carter Ineptitude or Enemy?

I was looking at THIS POST over at Western Rifle Shooters blog and was reminded of Jimmy Carter. For those who remember, Carter wanted to be his Generation's FDR, fire side chats and all.

In a world where there was a Soviet Union alive and well, and where there really was active communist subversion going on in nearly every country, and where most Americans believed that resisting Soviet expansion of influence was the right thing to do, Jimmy Carter was seen by most as inept.

Around 1980 there was an adaptation of James Clevell's Shogun novel into a TV mini series. It was mellow dramatic, but was entertaining none the less. At the same time, Jimmy Carter was showing his ineptitude on the world stage. In Nov. of 1979, in the wake of the Iranian Muslim revolution, the U.S. Embassy was taken over by a mob and fifty three Americans were held hostage for over a year. Carter ordered a rescue attempt which fail miserably in the desert of Iran in April of 1980, such was the sad capability of our Military at that time. In Dec. of 1979, the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan, murdering tens of thousands. Also in 1979, Communist insurgents fought a successful revolution in Nicaragua, installing a Soviet/Cuban sponsored regime and suppressing any non-communist dissent. It was successful because Jimmy Carter refused to provide support for the Government of Anastasio Somoza. This led directly to a decade long civil war in neighboring El Salvador. At every turn, Carter looked inept and impotent.

At the end of the week in which the Shogun mini series had run on TV, a political cartoon appeared in many of the nation's newspapers (yes, Virginia, there were newspapers in those days). I thought at the time that it perfectly illustrated Jimmy Carter.

Unlike many, looking back on it, I don't think Jimmy Carter was inept. I think he, like FDR, like Bath House Barry Obama, was on the other side.

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And Remember, He's An Officer.

"And remember, he’s an officer."

Says Uniformed Secret Service Officer, of a man into whom Miriam bumped. 

Miriam was murdered because she had the unmitigated gaul to make a wrong turn and attempt to turn around and leave.

The Story comes from Worldnet Daily. Read the whole thing.

Miriam, a mother of an infant, accidentally turned into a Whitehouse entrance, realized her mistake and attempted to leave. An off duty Uniformed Secret Service officer dragged a bike rack into her path attempting to stop her from correcting her mistake. She bumped into the bike rack, which then hit the officer previously mentioned.

From that point on it was an "Officer down!" situation. This is what warranted Miriam's execution in front her her infant daughter.

Money quotes:

"What would have happened if he’d never dragged that gate in front of her?
“Nothing. Nothing at all. Wherever she was going, that’s where she would’ve gone,” he said, adding, “If he didn’t pull that bike rack, I seriously believe that nothing would’ve happened that day at the White House.”


"WND asked why he thought the off-duty guard intervened in an incident that should have been routine.
“Just trying to be a hero. Get involved in something, you know, some guys are like that. Some guys just constantly want to be involved in something,” said Raheem."

"“When that info was relayed,” he continued, “I’m sure they didn’t say she hit a pedestrian. They would have said she hit that officer. Everyone on duty knows him.
“Now he’s on the ground. And remember, he’s an officer. They know him. He’s not just some guy off the street. An officer got hit.”"
Remember, folks. An officer's life is infinitely more valuable than yours. You don't need to harm an officer, you only need to be falsely accused of it, and you too may be summarily executed. You can't have your way with The Gang. The presumption is, and always will be, "If it was the cop what dunnit, then it was the right thing to do, because it was the cop what dunnit." Also, in any police encounter, YOU are always wrong and there is no way you can be right. That is why you are ALWAYS advised to just submit and comply. Yep, that is how Free Men behave.