Thursday, December 01, 2016

And Remember, He's An Officer.

"And remember, he’s an officer."

Says Uniformed Secret Service Officer, of a man into whom Miriam bumped. 

Miriam was murdered because she had the unmitigated gaul to make a wrong turn and attempt to turn around and leave.

The Story comes from Worldnet Daily. Read the whole thing.

Miriam, a mother of an infant, accidentally turned into a Whitehouse entrance, realized her mistake and attempted to leave. An off duty Uniformed Secret Service officer dragged a bike rack into her path attempting to stop her from correcting her mistake. She bumped into the bike rack, which then hit the officer previously mentioned.

From that point on it was an "Officer down!" situation. This is what warranted Miriam's execution in front her her infant daughter.

Money quotes:

"What would have happened if he’d never dragged that gate in front of her?
“Nothing. Nothing at all. Wherever she was going, that’s where she would’ve gone,” he said, adding, “If he didn’t pull that bike rack, I seriously believe that nothing would’ve happened that day at the White House.”


"WND asked why he thought the off-duty guard intervened in an incident that should have been routine.
“Just trying to be a hero. Get involved in something, you know, some guys are like that. Some guys just constantly want to be involved in something,” said Raheem."

"“When that info was relayed,” he continued, “I’m sure they didn’t say she hit a pedestrian. They would have said she hit that officer. Everyone on duty knows him.
“Now he’s on the ground. And remember, he’s an officer. They know him. He’s not just some guy off the street. An officer got hit.”"
Remember, folks. An officer's life is infinitely more valuable than yours. You don't need to harm an officer, you only need to be falsely accused of it, and you too may be summarily executed. You can't have your way with The Gang. The presumption is, and always will be, "If it was the cop what dunnit, then it was the right thing to do, because it was the cop what dunnit." Also, in any police encounter, YOU are always wrong and there is no way you can be right. That is why you are ALWAYS advised to just submit and comply. Yep, that is how Free Men behave. 

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