Monday, November 16, 2015

Christians Are Needed For Christian Action

Gun Free Zone published this today. He entitled it The European Eunuchs. He is worth a read regularly.

Money quote:

What pisses me off is that the history of Spain is basically the 700 years of Islamic slavery and its fight to get rid of the caliphate in the Iberian peninsula. Nothing can be done? Are you stupid or just ignorant of your own history? The Moor were inside the damned country, in position of power and were driven out to Africa by feat of sword and lances. But yes, it requires drastic measures and getting your hands dirty which the weak-stomached Euro Trash seem to be allergic to. The author shall be a good slave for the new caliphate of  Al-Andalus.

It will take a Christian Europe to beat back the Muslim Hoard. Before that can happen, there will need to be a Christian Europe. In order for that to happen, the good people of the various Nations of Europe must dispose of all communists and socialists. They are of two types. The power brokers, those who espouse socialism, aren't socialsts and communists at all, but control freaks and organized criminals. (Just a quick reference note here: Do you think Joseph Stalin was a marxist true believer? Or was he really just a very efective thug?) Thugs and organized criminals deserve bullets. Then there are the true believers. The ones whom the power brokers call useful idiots. Christian Europeans do not need to kill them all, they simply need to deport them. Allow them to live in one of the muslim utopias and let them espouse their forced equality there.

What is happening to Western Christian Civilization is mental illness. It is the end result of decades of forced and conditioned iratonality. Pavlov's dog didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Thus it is with our (former) civilization.

The dream of socialist utopia...

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The reality of Socialist Utopia...

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 The dream of muslim utopia...

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The reality of muslim utopia...

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Reality does tend to slap one in the face, doesn't it?


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